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Артиллерия в Крымской войне (1)

Работы художников "с той стороны".

Illustrated London News

1855 Day Under Fire Green-Hill Sebastopol War Soldiers

1855 Fine Art War Sebastopol Trenches Army Cannon Guns

1855 Mortar Battery Sebastopol War Military Print

1855 Sailors Green-Hill Battery Sebastopol Troops War

Sailors Battery Sebastopol War

Обстрел Таганрога с плота Леди Ненси

Художник Вильям Симпсон (W. Simpson) (1823-1899)

A hot day in the batteries

A hot night in the batteries

A quiet day in the diamond battery -
portrait of a Lancaster 68 pounder, 15th Decr. 1854

A quiet night in the batteries -
a sketch in the Greenhill battery (Major Chapman's), 29th Jany. 1855

Bastion du Mat, from the central bastion

Highland Brigade camp, looking south

Interior of the Malakoff with the remains of the round tower

Sketch in the Interior of the Mamelon Vert

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face,
looking towards the salient angle, looking south

The new works at the siege of Sebastopol on the right attack -
from the mortar battery on the right of Gordon's battery

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